After Party

I have missed three NY Tech MeetUps in a row. That is uncharacteristic of someone who used to show up when the NY Tech MeetUp was half a dozen people at a Lower East Side bar. But I missed. And livestreaming does not work for me, I never really went that route. So I showed up for the after party last night: 218 Sullivan. No presentations, and no beer, I decided, and it was such great fun. I worked the room like a politician.

"Owen. You are the first person I met today. And you are the last person I am meeting. Have a nice one."

The guy was tipsy by then. He was no longer walking straight.

After talking to me for half an hour Stephanie realized I am not the techie cofounder to her startup she thought she had found.

"I don't want to talk to you anymore," she said.

I introduced her to a Dropio engineer.

"I remember you from Fred Wilson's blog," one guy said to me.

"I leave a comment there every day."

"It is so good to meet you in person finally."

"You make it sound like I was Fred Wilson!" I said. "I do know the guy, though," I added. I did not want to disappoint him.

Angela Wang introduced me to her French Indian friend. I am half Indian, I said to her.

Ben - meeting for the first time - said he reads my blog, although he has not done that in a while. He mentioned my Canada posts.

I Am Big In Canada
A 4 AM Traffic Peak, Mostly From Canada
Traffic: Canada Top Country, 2 AM Peak
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