John Battelle's Search Hangover

I think this interview of Mark Zuckerberg by primarily John Battelle is on the lame side. It is out and out hostile. And there is a reason for that.

John Battelle is a search guy. He has a blog called search engine something. He has written a book on search. He considers himself some sort of an authority. The thesis of his media career has been that search is central to the web experience. What if it no longer is? Then where is John Battelle? And so he poured it out on Mark.

Robert Scoble (left) and Mark Zuckerberg (righ...Image via WikipediaTim O'Reilly came to the defense a few times, but it should not be that way. The Web 2.0 Summit should not be a public beating of a trailblazer. That is not journalism, that is jealousy.

Or maybe Battelle was expecting a D Conference moment. He was hoping Mark would sweat. Well, it is winter now. Those days are over.

Seriously, this summit needs to move with the times. There needed to be a third person on that sofa. Maybe Robert Scoble. Battelle is search. Scoble is social. Just look at Scoble. He even looks friendly.

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