Amit Kapur Might Be Upto Something

Scobleizer: First look: Gravity is making interest graphs of your social content

In a blog post not long back I talked about how social is not the be all, end all.

Social Is A Pendulum Swing
The Next Big Thing In Social Networking

And in Amit Kapur I seem to have found my Planet Pluto. Amit's background is of interest here. Amit is a MySpace guy. We all know MySpace did not quite hold the water, although it was early and big on the social scene.

Amit is headed in the right direction, but I fear his Gravity might end up being the MySpace in the personal space. He might end up being a pioneer who might get taken over by a late entrant to the game. You can have a first mover advantage, or you can be the guy who made all the early mistakes that the late entrant did not bother to make because, well, they had already been made.

He sure is onto something.

In The News

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Scobleizer: First look: Gravity is making interest graphs of your social content