No More Beer, No More Soda

Don't get me wrong. I have never been much of a drinker. I have n-e-v-e-r enjoyed the taste of beer. But I have done some social drinking over the years. A few days back I decided I wanted to resolve to drink no more beer, and no more soda.

I am doing this for my company - stealth mode. I believe my company deserves to have me in the best health possible.

Photographer: Frank C. MüllerImage via WikipediaI have the perfect weight for my height. I checked it online. So I am good. But you can always do more of eat more fruits and vegetables. Exercise more regularly.

Freehand Exercise: 1000 Push-Ups, 1000 Squats, 1000 Crunches

Exercise I do more for mental and emotional health. It feels so good during, after and the day after. It is just that getting started is always the hard part. Once you get down and do the first five push ups, you are on the way.

I have liked Pepsi. I have felt I needed to have at least one bad stuff on my menu. And Pepsi has had that place. But I believe I have lost the taste for it. And I have also become more health conscious. I would like to stay thin, no thank you.

Sugar is b-a-d for you.

I do okay in the sleep department. I sleep plenty. When you sleep plenty, you wake up, and you are ready to put in intense, long hours. I like that feeling. Intense is the only way to work. You feel more alive. You get more done. You pack it.

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