Paul Orlando In The New York Times

Image representing New York Times as depicted ...Image via CrunchBaseTalk about the devil and he appears. I talked about Paul Orlando (Chatfe Happy Hour With Paul Orlando) at this blog on Friday, and here he appears in the New York Times on Monday.
New York Times: Chatroulette Gives Rise to a Genre

Chatfé, a start-up based in New York, is aiming to generate longer and more meaningful interactions over the phone. The service connects users interested in the same topic, like backpacking around India or training for a marathon, for phone conversations.

“It’s the same idea as if you were in a cafe and met up with someone reading a similar book and started talking to them,” said Paul Orlando, the company’s founder. “When you speak to someone, you have to invest more in that conversation.”

After confirming their phone number with the service, users can designate what subjects they want to talk about and pick a time to chat. The service finds an appropriate match and calls the two users during that window. For now it works over landlines and mobile phones, but eventually, Mr. Orlando said, Chatfé will add a browser-based chat tool as well.
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