I Fixed The Budget, You Can Too

My plan for the deficit http://t.co/veqyQyX
New York Times: Budget Puzzle: You Fix the Budget

I recommend you go ahead and do this exercise. This speaks to my idea of grassroots governance. Although it is simplistic in that the experience should give a much better picture of why the changes you want made are not being made. What are the political forces that stand against the changes you want made?

Massive cuts in defense spending are asked for. Social Security and Medicare need major reform. You have to start talking about it. Those three are the big ones. There are tough choices to be made.

In my exercise I have not only eliminated the deficit, I have created a surplus so you can start paying down on the debt too.
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See new plan at http://whitecollargreenspace.blogspot.com/
Government could save $50 billion per year by having two shifts of white collar employees work each day. Office space costs $50,000/year for each employee yet we only use space 30% of time. We can no longer afford to have banker's hours for all. With over 2 million federal employees this cost-free paradigm change could avoid lay offs/furloughs and reduce pollution.
If expanded to all state and local governments and all contractors that do business with the government and soon we could save $100 billion/yr or a trillion over the next ten. Apply it to private industry and soon American workers become competitive on a global scale and tax revenues will increase significantly. It's a plan and it's free.