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From Charlie O'Donnell's Weekly Events Newsletter
(republished without permission)

This is the time of year that you make a lot of lists and check them twice...or so it goes. You're planning parties, sending someecards, and buying gifts. That's why it's really important to remember one key thing:

Relationships are everything.

Is there a friend you've been cancelling on lately? Someone you had a fight with or just a little Twitter spat? Did someone blog something that didn't quite sit right with you and so you've been avoiding them? Awkward breakup anyone--or even worse... the awkward "not sure what it was that we were doing, but now we don't even have that so now what are we?"

This is the time of the year to fix all that--not to end the year on a bad note with the people you really want in your life that you didn't quite build the kind of relationship you wanted in 2010. In the world of entrepreneurship and innovation, we're all grossly underqualified for what we're trying to do, so we need the help of others. Without the support of strong people around us or the inspiration of thoughtful contemporaries, life is pretty hard.

Between now and the end of the year, pick out 5 people that you're going to build better relationships with, and write down exactly how you're going to do that. Weekly breakfast at Coffee Shop? A thoughtful comment every time they post a new blog? Some Tumblr reblog love?

Do more for others in 2011, and I guarantee it will come back to you in spades.
Charlie O'Donnell. You blocked me from leaving comments at your blog. (True story) I forgive you.

Naveen Selvadurai. You cut off your Michael Jackson hair. I forgive you. Or if Dennis Crowley cut it for you, I forgive him too.

Fred Wilson. I sent you an email inviting you to come sit on my Board. I would not have minded the money you would have brought either. A million is but a drop in your ocean. But you did not so much as acknowledge the email. I forgive you.

Scott Heiferman. I invited you to a MeetUp. You did not show up. I forgive you.

Nate Westheimer. One fine Tuesday I tried to get on stage. I would have taken the stairs. But you wouldn't let me. I forgive you.

Vin Vacanti. You stopped coding and started blogging. I forgive you.

Rachel Sterne. I did a search on my name at Ground Report. Nothing showed up. Me not newsworthy? I forgive you.

Albert Wenger. I sent you a friend request on Path. You did not accept. I forgive you.

Esther Dyson. We used to be friends on Facebook. (True story) Then you did a clean up. I did not make it. I forgive you.

Brad Feld. You follow me around on FourSquare. (True) I forgive you.

Is that five people yet?

Happy Holidays!


fred said…
did you send me the email more than once?
Fred. That was a joke. But I was also empathizing with both you and the tens of people who must email pitch you daily. No, I have not email pitched you. I am pre incorporation.