150 Mbps Wireless Broadband

Telstra mobile phone Base station - Wireless H...Image via Wikipedia150 megabits per second download speed: that's pretty amazing.
iTWire: 149.4Mbps over wireless broadband: Telstra and Huawei are testing LTE mobile broadband using 1800MHz spectrum ..... this was more than three times the peak speeds achieved with current mobile technology. .... "As mobile customers move away from 2G services and onto 3G and LTE, 1800MHz spectrum will increasingly become available to be re-farmed by operators. The overwhelming success of these trials shows that 1800MHz can be an attractive option for deploying LTE where access to other spectrum bands is constrained" ..... Earlier this year, Huawei set a record LTE-Advanced download speed of 1.2Gbps at the CTIA Wireless 2010 event held in Las Vegas.
1 gigabits per second is even more impressive.

This race for faster broadband has to be coupled with cheaper broadband. Has to be coupled with global broadband.

The O3B effort is a great step in that direction.
BusinessWeek: Google-backed O3b Networks raises $1.2B: O3b Networks, a privately held satellite Internet company ..... O3b is building global satellite-based Internet technology for telecommunications companies and Internet service providers serving emerging markets. .... O3b was founded in 2007 .... The company's name stands for "Other 3 billion," a reference to the number of people who do not have adequate access to broadband Internet access.
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