Google Wave API Google Group: Got To Undo The Ban On Me

Google Wave Protest
Google Wave API Google Group: Stalinist Mindset
Einstein was attacked by some with anti-Jewish leanings. When a pamphlet was published entitled 100 Authors Against Einstein, Einstein retorted "If I were wrong, one would be enough."
The name is clear enough: Google Wave API. It is a group about Google Wave API. So if

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you are going to post messages about viagra ads and Nigerian dictators who need help with money transfer, then you don't belong in the group. So I am not trying to argue it is my human right to belong to the group.

The initial protest was that it was a group for hard core code talk. I respect the sentiment. But there were numerous threads about spam, t-shirts and invitations to Wave. Noone seemed to have been bothered, bothered enough to protest and ban people.

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The third thing I established was that code and community/culture are both on par, they are both important. You can not expect to have strictly technical conversations and still exp

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ect to create waves with Google Wave. And then I offered to stick my vision, culture and community talk to one out of the 300 plus threads in the group.

Then they said, it is not what you are saying, it is how you are saying it. Why do you post links to your blog posts in this group? People who don't "get" links and blogs should voluntarily walk away from a group about Google Wave development.

The slam dunk was I said but my primary interest is in code talk. That is why I joined the group in the first place. I wish to follow all the code related conversations so I can spot trends in Wave development over the coming months as we prepare to unleash Wave upon the world.

And so I am going to keep protesting until they undo the ban on me in the Google Wave API Google Group.

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Lars Rasmussen, Google WaveImage by niallkennedy via Flickr

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