Possible Google Wave Applications And Innovations

If Google just delivered in a few months that it promised in this video, I would be happy enough. For one, this application will take blogging to a whole new level. And I have been excited enough about Zemanta and Disqus.

But you also wonder, where could this all lead to? What new applications, gadgets, innovations might we see? I have a feeling it will be like Gmail and Gmail Labs. They keep coming up with new, nifty features that you choose to add on.

People will be creating and consuming waves in quantity. New wave forms will become possible.

Google Wave will not be launched for a few more months. I think that might be enough time to get some developers to surprise us in major ways. I can't wait to see.

The mark of a successful web service or app is that (1) it creates buzz, and (2) developers start developing around it. Think of all the Facebook, Twitter, and iPhone applications. Wave will beat them all, I think.

The Wave is the web getting reinvented.

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Google Wave Federation Architecture ‎(Google Wave Federation ... the Google Wave Federation Protocol for federating waves between wave providers on the Internet. ........ various elements of Google Wave technology - data model, operational transformation, and client-server protocol ...... The wave federation protocol enables everyone to become a wave provider and share waves with others. ....... A robot is an automated participant on a wave (see the robots API). Examples are translation robots and chess game robots. ........ A gateway translates between waves and other communication and sharing protocols such as email and IM. ....... Different wavelets of a wave can have different lists of participants. ......... there is a designated wave provider that has the definitive copy of that wavelet. We say that this particular provider is hosting that wavelet. ......... different users have different wave views for a given wave. ...... the user's read/unread state for the wave, is stored in a user-data wavelet ....... A wave is identified by a globally unique wave id, which is a pair of a domain name and an id string. ......... Like a wave id, a wavelet id is a pair of a domain name and an id string. ......... Wavelets in the same wave can be hosted by different wave providers. ........ a federation gateway and a federation proxy. ........... "local wavelet" and "remote wavelet"
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Google's move to introduce a Wave of synchronicity | Web Apps News ... Wave is an architecture, and not really a very new one. It's an old solution to a very old problem: that of synchronicity in distributed applications. ........ the speed and connectivity have not yet existed to deploy a transformational database matrix on a massive scale. But "Google" has come to mean massive scale, and now it's giving the concept a try. ........ One way that it works is by upsetting the typical hierarchy of database architecture ....... Whereas typically you might think of a database as a thing in the core to which changes happen, OT reverses the concept by generating a kind of change model that bears a striking resemblance to a Feynman state-change diagram in quantum physics. Here, the database or "document" that ends up being the beneficiary of change, is used to represent the change itself, or what the architecture calls a wavelet. ........ a better Google Chat than Google Chat .... The architecture itself is the major undertaking here. .... Wave isn't really an app yet, and isn't a fully-fleshed out architecture yet, and doesn't have a complete platform yet
Google Wave - a developer's eye view In the 80s, we called it Lotus Notes. As of recent, we called it Microsoft Sharepoint. Today, I guess, it's Google Wave. ....... Google shoving its fist into the gooey, caramel-center of the enterprise collaboration market is a good thing, because when it comes to APIs, Google sells to the developer, not the managers. ........ think of a "wave" as a collaboratively edited document. ....... you don't have to be running a particular program or be on a particular website to interface with these documents. ........ Embedding a wave into a web page is as easy as a couple of lines of Javascript code and then any stylizing CSS you want to do around it. ...... "Federation....that was hard." ..... Wave servers talk to each other using an extension to XMPP, which is the same protocol that powers Jabber and Google Talk.
Google Wave And Teaching And Learning Where email is all about stored messages, and the web about linked resources, Wave is about collaborative events. ........ like email and the web, and unlike most social network tools - anyone can play ......... A lot of educational technology centres around activity and resource management. ......... the activity type that’s most interesting is likely to be group collaboration, and the most interesting resources are those that can be constructed, annotated or modified collaboratively. ........ the idea of real time document collaboration as the fundamental organising concept ....... Google is treating this as a rising platform/wave that will float all boats. Much as they do with the general web. ....... Wave developer API guide. This is easily the clearest introduction to Wave’s concepts- short and not especially technical

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An Entrepreneur's Early Days There is a wafer-thin margin which separates the two worlds .... one with its clear, laid-out path up the corporate ladder, and another with its glorious uncertainties. ........ After two years of working, I finally called it quits and embarked on life as an entrepreneur. ....... It was a dream that would have to wait a decade before I got an opportunity to try to make it happen. ....... I am now in my third innings as an entrepreneur. The first lasted two-and-a-half years and ended in failure. The second lasted five years and ended in my business being sold. The third began two years ago. How it will end I do not know. ....... Financial gain should not be a driving factor or even a consideration in becoming an entrepreneur. ....... All other doors need to be closed, so one cannot run away mid-way ........ Entrepreneurship is not about parallel processing activities, it is about bringing complete focus to something the entrepreneur deeply believes in, even though as time goes on, these beliefs may be altered. ..... fewer than one in thousand find financial success. ...... However good the entrepreneur is in his field, in the area of running his own business, he is a baby. ...... the self-doubt and loneliness of the early days ........ Being a baby, I did a lot of things wrong. There was a lot of stumbling and falling. At that time, it was hard to see what was the good that would come out of all this. But, that is how we learn. The second stint at being an entrepreneur was where all this learning came in useful. ...... a world in which the entrepreneur now seeks to make connections, reach out and touch others. Everything around may be the same, but yet things look and feel quite different. ....... The entrepreneur now needs to start putting a team together, along with raising capital (either from family and friends, or from angels and venture capitalists). Each day is now full of life. ........ The new business has to be built day by day, customer by customer, rupee by rupee. ........ I still remember the day we launched IndiaWorld, the first two customers we got for our home pages, and the first large order we got for a website (I was on a bus back from Nasik on a suspenseful trip in the pre-cellphone era). Even today, the many meetings I had in the early days to try and get content partnerships are still quite fresh. Much of the period since then is a blur, but those few memories are forever etched away. ......... Just like the teenager who feels he can do no wrong, so does the entrepreneur. This is, therefore, also the most dangerous period in the life of the entrepreneur. .......... One has gone through the early, tough days, and there is a latent volcano waiting to explode on the scene. ....... there is no Undo or Edit button. ....... recruiting the second-tier management team, the first markets to tap into, the partners to ally with, the activities to do. This is the time when temptation of doing everything is abundant. This is when judicious decisions need to be made ........ deciding on the few things that need paramount attention ......... there is no way that everything can be done well at the same time. ........ This is as exciting a chess game as any that has been played.
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USA.gov adds tools to open up information sources the Government News Aggregator, which allows citizens to receive consolidated news and information from across the federal government, delivered via RSS feeds ...... the public no longer has to scour a vast array of government websites to follow news that’s relevant to them ...... a USA.gov Word Cloud that is a visual representation of the top 75 most popular search terms on USA.gov
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The new Detroit isn’t Detroit Jay Rogers, founder of Local Motors. He is creating the platform and API for new cars that are designed collaboratively by communities and built in microfactories across the country by staffs of only 41 using almost entirely off-the-shelf parts. He says he will be profitable selling only 500 cars. He plans to build 3-5,000 of each model and he’s months away from delivering his first......... Local Motors does what it does best and links to the rest ....... Rogers said the most important hire a company can make today is a CCO, chief community officer. ...... bimodal intelligence ....... The mass market is dead, replaced by the mass of niches. ...... Middlemen are doomed. Local Motors has no dealers. The factory is the showroom. The customers are the salesmen.
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No gadget savior in news, neither the device nor the form matters nearly as much as the information and its timing. This requires that publishers unleash their news on every device possible. But no single gadget will be their saviour.
Google Wave and news Just as I was thinking they were behind the curve on the live web - and argued they should buy Twitter - Google attacked it from the left flank with Wave. ...... Because it can feed blog and web pages and Twitter, I see a new way to create content, collaborative and live. I see a new way to make news. ..... Here, I speculated about the topic becoming the new atomic unit of news ...... Wave isn’t just the email we’d invent if email were invented today, as was Google’s goal. Wave is what news can be if we invent it today, as we must. ..... Replace news story with “disease you suffer from” and reporter with primary care doc and editor with specialist and photos with lab results, etc, and you can see its potential. The embeddable newspaper newspapers need to think distributed, that they need to go to where the readers are rather than expecting them to be attracted to news sites like magnets ...... make itself embeddable without having to go through Google’s funnel. ..... Becoming embeddable is a way for a site to act like Google and go with the flow of the internet, to be distributed by its readers, to take its content and branding and advertising out into the web.
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