Five Blind Men And Google Wave

Telecom's Tsunami Blog: Google Wave is a virtual desktop what the future Google PC desktop will look and function like. ....... In sports, coaches tell players that when the umpires negative attention is focused on the other team, do not do anything to draw attention to back to your team. This is the strategy Google has chosen for Google Wave. The EU and SEC are focused on fining Microsoft for every infraction that they can find. Don't draw attention away from Microsoft. ......... If most of the PC applications that you are using today can be utilized from within a web service (GMail), then do you really need a dedicated PC desktop from Microsoft, no! Do you need a PC running an OS from Microsoft, no! What you can use is a netbook PC running Google Android OS and only supports one application, Google Wave which is your Internet based PC Desktop. ..... VoIP services is probably already built into the internal Wave API ...... Google Voice product which is 100% web based ..... a real time speech to text engine ..... Google's stock has only begun to catch that next Wave
Google's Wave an online 'Swiss Army knife' > Personal and Office ...
Google's Wave Consolidates Core Online Features in One Tool Wave has the potential to drive people away from popular Google products like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Talk, Picasa, Blogger and Sites, as well as from similar products from competitors like Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL. ....... Google Maps, a service credited with igniting the mashup frenzy. ...... Wave lets people create a document to which multiple users can add rich text, multimedia, gadget applications and feeds, and do so concurrently in the way in which people interact ....... remains to be seen whether Wave will cannibalize Gmail and other popular Google products, but the culture of innovation at the company trumps those types of concerns. ....... Rasmussen warns that the Wave code will appear rough even to developers, so those interested should be of the adventurous type ...... developers will build integration links for it with social-networking sites
Google Wave: Taking the Enterprise from Microsoft?
It is too early to tell what Google Wave is. Right now what we have is the equivalent of a basic operating system. The programs for it have not been written yet. Once the most ambitious programs have been written, the most dashing gadgets have been put on top of it, many enterprise applications have been put in motion, the Google Wave that we know today will start to look basic, barebones. The promise is immense and unrealized.

I think one big thing about Google Wave is going to be that it will show the thinking that the consumer space and the enterprise space are separate just is not true. There is only one space, the collaboration space. The division always was artificial.

And there is always the money part. How will money be made? I think Google is resigned to making big bucks by simply expanding the web space. The Google search box will be ubiquitous in Wave just like it has been ubiquitous on the web. The AdSense space will expand. Kaching. And there will be money for developers. The top developers will make money like successful startup founders. They could follow the ad model, or the pay per download model, or they could go enterprise with some features. There are several ways, all of them public and not secret at all.

I have no idea what Google Wave will look like in a year. I have some idea, but no specific idea.

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