The Google Wave Architecture

With Google Wave, Google has proven it is still the 800 pound gorilla of web technology innovation. So you have to ask, what is behind Google Wave? What's under the hood? Looking at the architecture also gives us a better idea of all that might become possible with this new heart-pounding innovation.

Google wants Wave to become a fundamental web application like email, that most fundamental of all web applications. Email is not actually a web application, it has been around for decades, it just migrated to the web when Sabeer Bhatia came along. Microsoft already had email but still paid Bhatia $400 million for Hotmail, so I guess the migration was a seismic event.

Google offers email, so do Yahoo and Microsoft and every ISP worth its salt, and all those web programs talk to each other. I have the option to send an email from paramendra at gmail dot com to paramendra at yahoo dot com or paramendra at hotmail dot com. Wave is going to be like that.

But only Google does the innovation in Gmail. Wave is not going to be like that. Any outside party could innovate Wave and add new and exciting features, and numerous will. I expect there to be so much innovation in the Wave space that I expect Wave to become like an operating system. We have now moved beyond talking of a browser as an operating system. Now we are going to have to talk of a web application as an operating system. That application is Wave.

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What's your IQ ? a free, online course to increase your knowledge about Google Analytics. The curriculum consists of over 20 self-paced online lessons
Activities and Tasks Design Guidelines how to enrich the user experience you are creating. .... multitasking, activity reuse, intents, and the back stack. .... what it means to design and develop an Android UI.
Top 10 Malware Sites recent surge in compromised web servers ...... more than 4,000 different sites that appeared to be set up for distributing malware by massively compromising popular web sites. Of these domains more than 1,400 were hosted in the .cn TLD. Several contained plays on the name of Google such as, etc. ...... All domains on the top-10 list are suspected to have compromised more than 10,000 web sites on the Internet. .... our Safe Browsing API is freely available and is being used by browsers such as Firefox and Chrome to protect users on the web.
Google Chrome, Sandboxing, and Mac OS X Google Chrome for the Mac is coming along fine Keyboard shortcuts & Search Operators c: quick call
Improving Freenet's Performance Freenet divides all files into 32KB blocks (called CHKs), which are each fetched and decrypted separately ..... the project took one developer most of a year, the final diff was over 46K lines of code covering 320 files
Introducing the Conversations element Have you been looking for a way to easily add your favorite Google products to your own site? Now you can with Google Web Elements. .... the Conversation element.

A Speedier Google Chrome for all users It's been about 8 months since we launched Google Chrome. Aside from exclaiming how fast it is, users have been sending us lots of feedback and feature requests. We've increased our focus on speed and also added some of the most-requested features. ....... Google Chrome is more stable than ever--we have fixed over 300 bugs that caused crashes since launch. ....... Making the web faster continues to be our main area of focus. Thanks to a new version of WebKit and an update to our JavaScript engine, V8, interactive web pages will run even faster.
Launching Google Suggest in Swahili Today we have added full support for Swahili - on our domains in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and DR Congo. ...... The Google Suggest feature originally started as a 20% project in 2004, and we are thrilled to now have Suggest in Swahili.
The best and the brightest I can't think of a better environment than academia for asking hard questions and trying to solve the unsolvable. It's at universities that graduate students perform some of the most exciting and game-changing research in computer science and technology. ...... find the best and brightest PhD students ...... The breadth of research covered by these students and the scope of their vision was astounding. ..... The Google Fellowship will provide them with funding to cover their tuition and expenses, plus an Android-powered phone and a Google mentor.
Google News gets a makeover 7-year anniversary of Google News. ..... a better news browsing experience and connect you to a wide variety of perspectives on current events. Product Ideas - Now for Blogger!
The Google Sites blog is moving Google Sites already has features built in from other Google applications, like when you insert Picasa web albums, YouTube videos, gadgets, and Google Docs into web pages
New in Labs: Automatic message translation Since the heart and soul of Gmail is about helping people communicate, I'm proud to announce the integration of Google's automatic translation technology directly into Gmail. ..... Google's automatic translation technology ...... a language you can understand.
Hierarchical navigation and other new features for Google Sites
Import your mail and contacts from other accounts
30,000 Valeo employees put Google Apps to work putting complex, expensive on-premises IT systems in the past. ..... integrated voice and video chat. Valeo – an auto parts manufacturer with 30,000 Internet-connected employees in 27 different countries – has joined the movement. .... the Google Blog
Tasks, now in Calendar too
Bringing your contacts to the cloud
Calling all teachers we enjoy seeing people learning and working together on Google Sites.
Share your location with your Gmail and Google Talk friends
Manage your contacts, outside of Gmail
New in Labs: Google Search right in Gmail
Spruce up your surveys: 70 colorful themes
New in Labs: Extra emoticons
Sheet protection gives you finer control of your spreadsheets
Calling Video Publishers find any video, at any time, from any site.
Statistical machine translation live Most state-of-the-art commercial machine translation systems in use today have been developed using a rules-based approach and require a lot of work by linguists to define vocabularies and grammars. ....... a different approach: we feed the computer with billions of words of text, both monolingual text in the target language, and aligned text consisting of examples of human translations between the languages. We then apply statistical learning techniques to build a translation model. ....... Arabic is a very challenging language to translate to and from: it requires long-distance reordering of words and has a very rich morphology. ..... you probably should not try to translate poetry
Translate between 41 languages with Google Translate we can now translate between languages read by 98% of Internet users. ........ For several languages, Google Translate is the first freely available machine translation system for these languages. ....... We've heard stories of people using Google Translate to help them do business internationally, and we've seen many websites (e.g., New York's Metro Transit Authority) and blogs add the Google Translate My Page Gadget to their pages to make their content more accessible to people from all over the world. ...... the cross-language search feature .......... Translate provides people who may not otherwise have a lot of web content available in their own language with access to the wealth of content on the truly worldwide web.
30,000 new Google Apps business users at Valeo and voice and video chat. ...... Gmail was really the beginning of how we're rethinking personal and group productivity, and over the last couple of years, business adoption has accelerated rapidly as the hosted suite has emerged as a powerful, affordable successor to on-premises business technology. ....... Today, more than a million businesses have moved beyond traditional software and hardware to cloud computing – where data and applications live online – and they're using the Google Apps suite not just for Gmail, but also for shared calendaring, collaborating on files without attachments, private video sharing and quickly deployable internal and external sites. IT managers are refocusing the money and time saved towards core projects that help their individual businesses become more competitive.
Gmail voice and video chat I happen to work in the New York City office (one of Google's many distributed offices), while most of my teammates work in the Mountain View headquarters. While we make good use of video conferencing, there are times when I need to talk to a teammate at a moment's notice. .......... Learn more about voice and video chat

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