Google Wave API Google Group: Stalinist Mindset

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I just noticed I have been banned from the Google Group called Google Wave API. The decision sounds Stalinist to me. I would have understood if this was a group for hard core coders who only talked about code. But there were numerous threads on all sorts of non code topics there.

My "crime" was that I pushed forth the opinion that code is important, but so is the coder community and that community's culture. Code is important, but without vision the people shall perish. That I was interested in vision, and community, and I was very interested in code, because I wanted to follow the conversations in the group to be able to spot the trends as they emerge in the Wave developer community. But some genius went ahead and banned me from the group. I don't know where I would go to appeal the decision.

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This is so ridiculous. The guy who banned me from the group is like the five blind men, he thinks he is feeling the trunk: Five Blind Men And Google Wave.

What makes this ban extra ridiculous is if you are not a member of the group, you can still read its content, but I can't.

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