A Little Trouble At The Google Wave API Google Group

Needed: A Culture For Wave Developers
By paramendra - 9:25am - 6 authors - 9 replies

Brain. Or maybe you should just go ahead and ban me since looks like you deleted my past three or four posts.

I started this thread that in its title very clearly says this particular thread is about the community aspects, not the code aspects. So those developers who are only interested in the code aspects will not even bother clicking on this thread. I thought t-h-a-t was fair enough.

I have been in the process of establishing the fact that code and community are both important. That has been true for Google Corporate, and the open source communities. That is going to be true for the Google Wave Developer community as well. Google Corporate is 20,000 strong, about 50 out of 20,000 devoted to Wave. The Wave developer community on its own is going to be larger than 20,000. And you are going to tell me talking about code is enough?

I don't know where you stand in the Google Wave Corporate hierarchy, but the official Google Wave Developer Blog has linked to my blog posts on the importance of a culture for the developer community at the bottom of every single of their posts as of now. Go take a look. http://googlewavedev.blogspot.com

And my original Google Corporate Culture blog post that you so derided has been a hit on Twitter, and is at the bottom of all the latest 30 plus of the posts at the official Google Blog itself. http://googleblog.blogspot.com

Now can we please repost my posts at this thread that you went ahead and deleted?

And how primitive is it to suggest you can post words but not links to your blog posts? Links are what the internet is all about. How, Sir, did you miss that part? Links are the center of gravity in Google's PageRank concept. Links are what make Twitter Twitter, it is not the 140 character limit.

I have come to this Google Group with a very clear goal, which is to share in the excitement of Google Wave - the next big thing in web technology - and to help shape its developer community, especially its culture aspects, and to try and spot and popularize trends related to Wave, especially as they might sprout out from the developer community.

Your basic respect for free speech would be much appreciated.

I just went around and looked at the subject titles of many of the other threads at this forum. My thread is more on-topic than most. Most of the threads so far seem to be about wanting in on a Google Wave account. That's code talk? Come on, man.

Paramendra Bhagat

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