Google Wave: Enormous Buzz

Google Wave has had enormous buzz since it was presented to the world. It has had the technology world abuzz. That was but predictable. But its penetration of the mainstream media has also been fairly massive.

The real mainstream media buzz will come after the product is actually released and the average person gets to fool around with it. Then people will be like, wow. What is this thing?

And then there will be buzz around major developments that will take around the Wave. You will see applications and gadgets built around it.

Google Wave will come to us in waves, wave after wave. There will be a corresponding wave after wave of buzz.

Possible Google Wave Applications And Innovations
Google Wave Architecture: Designed For Mass, Massive, Global Innovation
The Google Wave Architecture
Google Wave Ripples
Is Google Wave Social Enough To Challenge Facebook, Twitter?
Of Waves And Tsunamis
Google Wave: Wave Of The Future?
Google Wave: If Email Were Invented Today

From The Google Blogs

Google Wave team heads to Google Developer Days in Asia
Introducing the Google Wave APIs: what can you build?
Went Walkabout. Brought back Google Wave.

In The News

Google makes a new wave and transforms the browser Eich's scripting language was first called Mocha and then LiveScript, but wound up being called JavaScript. ....... the web has evolved from a publishing medium to a programming platform, which is one reason why many malware attacks now come from malicious scripts embedded in pages. ........ Gmail, which uses a development of JavaScript called Ajax to enable a web-page to interact with a distant server without ever moving away from the page ...... steady accretion of Gmail features like instant messaging, audio - and then video - chat, and so on. ...... until the end of last month we were still unsure about where all this was headed. ...... The product's name allegedly comes from the Firefly TV series, in which a "wave" was an electronic communication. ....... Files of every description - text, movies, audio - can be dropped into a wave, making them accessible to everyone. There's spell-checking and translation on the fly. You can replay everything that's happened within a wave. And it all happens in your browser...... the scale of Google's ambition ..... the browser has become the platform. And that's big news.
Ray Ozzie: Microsoft is not threatened by netbooks, Google Wave is ... VentureBeat “In reality, I don’t know what a netbook is,” said Ozzie ....... “We’re always going to need an operating system. . . . The experience on top of that OS is what’s changing.”
Microsoft's Ozzie Damns Google Wave with Praise eWeek as a complex application Google's latest attempt to move into the application space is so complex as to be "anti-Web." ....... little more than a Web-based version of the Groove collaboration software that Ozzie built when he founded Groove Networks after leaving IBM's Lotus business unit. ....... if Google will assume the intellectual leadership for collaboration on the Web. ....... collaboration on the Web will require a more modular approach in order to be sustainable across a large number of users. Microsoft is employing such an approach with its Live Mesh technology, which ultimately may not yield as rich a collaboration environment as Google Wave or Groove, but will prove to be more usable across millions of users. ......... both companies have been reduced to the equivalent of political parties that accuse each other of being "un-American." ....... Ozzie said his focus will remain firmly on a "three screens in the cloud mode'" that focuses on how PCs, televisions and mobile phones all become integrated across a common set of federated cloud services
Microsoft May Bing Google as Wave Grabs Market Sci-Tech Today
Google Wave - the New Facebook? Gerson Lehrman Group character-for-character transmission, the ability to integrate pictures, maps, emails, instant messaging, games ...... has most of the functionality of the Facebook platform but takes it a step further.
Google's new Wave is much more than an application Gerson Lehrman Group a platform and protocol that will enable a new breed of social and collaborative applications. ...... accelerate the adoption of Google Apps for businesses ...... a significant boost in productivity over current email systems ....... one more reason to migrate from a premise based email and messaging platform to Google's hosted solution.
Google Wave: Why it's so good and enterprise software is so bad CNET News Google has no incumbent enterprise products to which it must pay obeisance. ....... And so Google Wave is born, while Microsoft continues to churn out tired retreads of Exchange/Outlook, IBM gives us Lotus version 10,001, and Oracle works furiously to tie its collaboration products into its existing suite of heavy, "enterprise" software. ......... few break the mold and start again on what computing means, as Google has done with Wave. ..... some of the best Wave innovation is yet to come, as significant parts of Wave will be released as open-source code to encourage add-ons, extensions, and other derivative works
12 Reasons Why Google Wave will Change the Web Black Web 2.0 Google Wave is the shiniest new thing that everyone is talking about. ...... You can embed a Wave on any blog or website. This isn’t just a view of the wave, but a completely interactive interface to the wave. You could use this as a chat room on your website or maybe even to replace your commenting system on a blog. ...... spell check much smarter. Instead of being based on a simple dictionary, it’s based on the entire web ...... Just add Rosy to the wave and you suddenly speak any language you’d like. Your comments or blips will be translated into the native language of whoever you’re talking to. ....... We won’t have to wait for the Google developers to implement new features and functionality. ...... This will either be one of the greatest things that’s happened to the web, or an epic fail.

From The Netizen BlogRoll

What is that number again? Transcribing voicemail accurately is not a small challenge because no two people pronounce the same word exactly the same way and because background noise and mobile phone line quality can vary dramatically.
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Spreading the Summer Love in Chicago
Barcode your bookshelf with Google Books Matt Cutts .... Using a simple USB-powered barcode scanner, Matt shows how you can easily add your books from off your bookshelf at home to the My Library feature in Google Books.

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Some reflections on "lightweight governance" by Josh Skolnick If Obama can get us to trust government like we trust Facebook -- that is, to trust both it's power and it's empowerment -- he'll go a long way toward defanging Reagan's old anti-government arguments. If he does that, he'll set the groundwork for an entire generation to trust government again.
Bearing witness: the transformation of American government
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Serious about health care reform "Pardon the interruption," came a voice as Stewart talked. "This is the Air Force One operator. I have President Obama on the line."
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Kickstarting a 7"
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Open Platforms and Innovation It was the Japanese who would destroy us in the '80s; now it's China and India. ..... Patents and degrees matter a lot less. Imagining something and then coding it up is what its all about these days.
Time Puts Twitter on Cover, at Vanguard of American Economy That it drives the American economy. In fact, Twitter is the new GM! ....... America might not make actual things any more, but at least we've learned to occupy our time talking endlessly and unprofitably to one another, in an entirely massless location, about which other entirely massless things deserve our time and/or increasingly worthless borrowed dollars.
When a 'Chosen' Tibetan Lama Says No Thanks
How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live
Introducing America's First Black, Female Rabbi
Why Nice Guys Should Finish First — but Don't
Racial Attacks Trouble Indian Students in Australia
The World of Twitter
How Twitter Will Change The Way We Live (in 140 characters or less)
10 Ways Twitter Will Change American Business
The TIME 100: The Twitter Guys by Ashton Kutcher
Come see how I hay my fields
The Leap Of Faith I was on a call yesterday with another VC who asked me why we made our investment in Zemanta last summer. There's a blog post I wrote up that explains our thinking at the time, but I did not point him to it. I explained that we had a gut instinct about the technology, market, and team that made us think there was a substantial opportunity in allowing people to "write smarter."
Is Twitter A Substitute For Set Top Box Data? if TV viewers can be understood, segmented, and targeted in the way that Internet users are, the TV experience and the TV advertising business can be transformed ...... Unlike traditional ratings or second-by-second set-top-box information, Twitter has rich qualitative information that reveals motivations behind viewers’ surfing. ....... Twitter can be used as a panel that once it is large enough (and maybe it is already) that can produce much of the same data that is currently locked in set top boxes and controlled by the cable companies. ..... The Internet is disruptive and reminds me of that fact every day.
The Free Music Business name for a business model that uses free as its foundational element - ie freemium. ..... Scarcity works great for physical goods, but crumbles in a digital world. ..... Free music will be a better business than paid music ever was. ...... what we’ve learned is more people want the music than are buying it. Should we try to convert them, or sue them? Is music failing, or is the SELLING of music failing? ...... The print companies went free, accepted advertising dollars instead of subscriptions, plugged into Google for traffic, and the money is now pouring in. ......... On top of the content layer is the "discovery/nagivation" layer that makes even more money than the content layer online. ........ iTunes isn't a discovery/navigation layer. It's an online version of Tower Records, but it's worse. ...... Services like (social networking), pandora (personalized radio), the hype machine (music blog search & listen), and playlisting services like project playlist and iMeem (which is being sued by Warner Music) are examples of this "discovery/navigation" layer. ......... Imagine if Google was a paid service. It wouldn't be driving a lot of traffic to anyone would it? ....... is going to try an ad supported free version of an "on demand" service. ........ we will have an abundant free music business where all the music is available to everyone and discoverable via search and social discovery ....... eventually the music owners will be better off taking an ad revenue share than a per listen payment ....... File based music has to exist today because there is no good mobile broadband internet solution. ....... almost every song ever recorded is on the Internet somewhere. ...... Free music is going to be a great business.
Our Web Site Is A Blog
Hacking Education The ubiquitous connectivity and very low cost of content production and distribution seems to enable the unbundling of key components of education. ........ He relies heavily on the networked community of editors as sources of knowledge and expertise and as models to aspire to. ....... In theory, Gepetto could have learned video editing in school. In practice his school was not equipped to teach it. He found content, help, a social life, and even credentialing (as others linked to his work) on ........ I used the art school to make a fake ID to go to MIT. Someone said [college is] expensive. I said no, it's free, you just won't get credit for it. ........ A byproduct of the disaggregation of education will be to weaken the authority of schools, but the bigger challenge may be to align their cost structures and business models to remain competitive in a hyper connected world. .............. we should work to drive the marginal cost of education to zero. ....... zero, plus bandwidth. ........ Information goods lend themselves to being created, distributed and consumed on the web. It is not so different from music, or classified advertising, or news. ........ we teach only two courses, business and information technology. ......... You need to know English, you need to have a computer ....... deliver a limited, but valuable education to an important segment of the global population for free. He will ask them to pay only for testing (accreditation). .......... someone with access to a computer and a desire to learn can learn a lot on the web. ......... how to be obsessed with things ....... And I just immersed myself to learn as much as I could. ......... the idea of game based learning. ........ kids that have struggled in traditional schools do really well with some of the work we have been doing around game-based learning. ......... they get crushed by the organizing efficiencies of the Internet. ......... the education industry may soon face the same challenges that currently confront the music industry and the newspaper industry. .......... the cost structures embedded in the education industry's current business models may be very difficult to support in the face of competition from hyper-efficient, web native businesses. ....... home, church, and school. ......... over time.... all of it got stuck back in the school. ........ If the transition from the current high touch, but high cost, learning environment to an efficient peer produced learning network is as abrupt and brutal as the transition we are witnessing in the music and newspaper industry, the social consequences are likely to be a lot more severe.
Product v. process journalism: The myth of perfection v. beta culture aying to our public: Here’s what we know, here’s what we don’t know, what do you know. ...... We who publish must learn how to say what we don’t know at least as well as we say what we know. ...... journalism as beta ...... the byproduct of the means and requirements of mass production: If you have just one chance to put out a product and it has to serve everyone the same, you come to believe it’s perfect because it has to be ......... Newspaper people see their articles as finished products of their work. Bloggers see their posts as part of the process of learning. ........ bartenders break more glass because they handle more beer, so journalists who traffic in facts are bound to drop some along the way.
DAY 410 there really is no substitute for passion.
Blog Past: Emerging Enterprises and Emergent Networks April 2002: As employees and enterprises go online with a PC on every desktop, online clusters of enterprises and people will give greater voice and power to the group hitherto which has mostly been only partially connected to global networks. This may be as unimaginable as the prospect of a million bloggers was a year ago. But it is a future which is rapidly emerging at light speed.
VCs Generally Retain Pro-Rata Rights
Entrepreneur's Social Fabric
Twitter Tech Communities
Save our rainforests clever campaign built around a frog - which the Prince, his sons, Harrison Ford, Pele and Daniel Craig among others, have all been filmed with.

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