Google Wave: Organizations Will Go Topsy Turvy


The Google Wave team, or at least those who look after the official Google Wave Developer Blog and The Official Google Blog have been nice to me, they have been nice to my blog. They have given my blog posts on Google Wave special status. I am honored. But more than honored, I am excited. I am so excited I feel like I could be putting out blog posts on Google Wave daily. Right before that Google got me excited with Android, with the donut talk. And now I am thinking, between Google Wave and Android, Google might just have taken over this blog for the rest of this year, because I can't imagine bigger topics in tech for the rest of this year than Google Wave and Android. Bring it on.

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Now I just need one of the Googlers on either the Wave or the Android teams to walk over to the Google Ventures people and put in word for me that they need to go ahead and buy 2% of my company for 100K: Google's Newest Venture: Google Ventures.

Reader Response

One reader wrote in one of my comments sections saying I came to your blog thinking you will throw some light on Google Wave's architecture, but I did not find anything. I guess so far I have been more interested in the implications of the Google Wave architecture rather than the architecture itself. But soon enough I will get around to the actual architecture, the technology of it. But for now let me have one more go at the implications. What will it mean to have Google Wave?

Organizations Will Go Topsy Turvy

You will not be able to prevent your workers, your team members from using Google Wave, it is not like you will be able to say, sorry, it's not in the budget, maybe next year. There will be bigger lines - virtually speaking - forming for Google Wave than ever did for the iPhone or the iPod. Just wait until we get nearer to the release date.

The product will be free. The product will be mind-blowing. Organizations that resist will be blown out of the water.

But email did not kill organizations. Wave will not kill organizations, quite the opposite. Wave will breathe new life into organizations. Collaboration will take a whole new meaning, a meaning that collaboration never had before. And that is a good thing.

All I am saying is this: resistance is futile.

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