A Small, Historic EatUp

So around noon I showed up. Oleg was there, his wife was there, his brother was busy serving.

Amy Cao of FoodSpotting showed up. This was not my first time seeing Amy, but this was my first time talking. And we talked at length.

There was this guy. He said he was just passing through town. He was in the city for a few months. He showed up. He said he knew Amy from meeting her at a few events.

So when it was time for the group photo, it is this guy and me, with Amy taking the shot. And I am feeling a little awkward. I hope she got the truck in the background. The truck matters. I am just an eater.

Both the dude and Amy took pictures of my food. My lunch was on the house.

Amy and I first talked on Twitter. Then I saw her briefly at the FoodSpotting panel the first day of Social Media Week, but did not get to talk.

An EatUp is designed for you to be able to talk to strangers like Amy. Amy, stranger no more.

I think she does an amazing job doing social media for FoodSpotting. I am going to need someone like her for my own startup.

She asked me a few questions. How do I find the time for my avid blogging?

I said blogging was part of what I do. I am scheduled to meet a big shot investor Thursday and/or Friday. The only way he knows me is through my blog. And blogging also happens to be my favorite social media platform. And I find it great fun.

She also asked me how long I have known about FoodSpotting. Well, I have known it from its inception. But it is amazing how much distance it has covered between raising 750K and recently raising three million plus. The execution has been amazing. What most interests me is the space it occupies. It is on the edge.

Amy grew up in Brooklyn.

I have walked everywhere in Brooklyn, I bragged. It is the most residential of all boroughs.
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She said she made her boyfriend do a Valentine's Day outing yesterday. Ha! Woman Power!

I asked her and she taught me how to say the word: Schnitzel. Sneezel, but the t is not silent.

I am obviously not a foodie. Although I hold secret ambitions to become a great cook and a great dancer. I want to be able to cook super healthy.

I am more into the tech space of FoodSpotting and the social around food. I am one of those eat to live, not live to eat kinds.

Last week was Social Media Week. And suddenly I am feeling an anti-climax of sorts. There are no events to go to, although I have some key meetings later in the week. Felicia Moeis said something about Fashion Week, but I am no fashionista either. But I intend to work on it over time. I am taken by the color black.

Fred Wilson: "I wear the same outfit every day."

The NY Tech MeetUp used to be five people at a bar.
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