Social Media Week Is Back

Whole Foods | Austin, TXImage by That Other Paper via FlickrI was just looking at the Social Media Week site for the first time after spotting a mass email from Toby Daniels. I got lost on first try.

I remember having a lot of fun last year during Social Media Week.

Social Media Week: The Best NY Tech MeetUp Ever

It is not that the site is lacking in technical aspects. I get the impression each event organizer wants to have his/her/their own little silo. So the registration process is quite cumbersome. Many events are already in the no spots left category.

I might not do as many events as I did last year, but I do intend to go to a few. I think it is going to be great fun again.

On first perusal I noticed the most visible brand name on the calendar is FoodSpotting. They have something going on every morning of the week. And I thought the world just got done celebrating FoodSpotting Day. Wait, maybe this is FoodSpotting Week!
ArugulaImage via Wikipedia
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