Food/Social = Physics, Coding = Mathematics

German-born theoretical physicist Albert Einstein.Image via WikipediaEinstein, the most celebrated physicist in human history, my favorite Dead White Male, started out struggling with maths. Much later in life he liked to joke that he was still struggling with maths. Early memories die hard. The key mathematics that gave shape to the Relativity, he had to ask around for. A mathematician friend of his led him in that direction.

What Einstein started with was physics. It really bothered him that light rays bent near the sun and no one had bothered explaining why.

Coding is like mathematics. Social is the physics. And the buzz is not here yet beyond a very small circle right now, but food's day will come. If you think about it, food has a very, very special place in the social universe. Food is the crown jewel. By the time you get to the level of food, social becomes dazzling. It becomes like watching the night sky if you are fascinated by stars.

I got a glimpse of that dazzle when I attended the FoodSpotting/Whole Foods panel this morning at 95 E Houston. I was amazed by the venue. It seems like Google is not the only dog in town with an office building that occupies an entire block.

I have now decided to show up also for the UN panel tomorrow morning. It is at the big Google office I have never been.

As for Social Media Week goes, I first signed up for the Obliterati party that is Thursday evening. Then I signed up for FoodSpotting. Then Assange. And I thought that was that. But now I am also going to the UN panel. That might just be the panel for a Third World Guy like me.
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My question - Soraya Darabi said my name perfect: Paramendra - to the panel was along the lines of the physics/mathematics analogy.

"There is nothing new about food or social. Both are old as humanity. But through use of new technology we have been able to reinvent both in rather surprising ways. When you interact with your tech teams, do you come across unmet demands? Things you would like get done that can't get done because the technology simply is not there yet? Could food/social reinvent technology itself like technology has reinvented food/social?"

The follow feature of Twitter (and others) and the friend feature of Facebook look very limiting when you think in terms of food/social. Food's social would be much richer, one would think. As to the details of what those might be, your guess is as good as mine.

FoodSpotting is a potential IPO company. It is hard to say something like that when it is not even at a million downloads yet, but it is sweeter when you can say it that early. FoodSpotting has a food challenge, but its primary challenge might be the social that revolves around food. It is a rich kind of social.

"Will social get saturated at some point?"

Content came before search. Content will never get saturated. Search came before social. Search will never get saturated. Social will not get saturated. Rich social is not even where yet. FoodSpotting has the option to take a crack at the rich social, the details of which are fuzzy to me.
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