My FoodSpotting Day Hangover

Image representing Foodspotting as depicted in...Image via CrunchBaseFoodSpotting Day was January 15, and granted I celebrated it in two different cities, the celebrations have to stop at some point. But looks like my FoodSpotting Day hangover goes on. It is not like I have a new idea to share, but I do feel the urge to flesh out a few things I have suggested before.

The Most Popular Dish In New York: Shake Shack Burger, Madison Square Park
World FoodSpotting Day 2011: January 15: Photos

I am not the best person to talk about the food recommendations business, but I don't get the impression FoodSpotting is lacking for direction on that front. It is moving full speed ahead there.

FoodSpotting's big mistake during its year one has been to have skipped Android altogether. The iPhone took it to 600K downloads, Android will take it to 1.6 million and beyond.

But it is not that either that I have wanted to talk about. What I have wanted to talk about is the social graph and the travel vertical.

Fred Wilson: Building Better Social Graphs

FoodSpotting's social graph is this: it is not what you eat, it is who you eat it with. FoodSpotting has to create that social graph before it can go into its natural second vertical: travel. Only people in your FoodSpotting social graph should be able to see your travel pictures and tips. And then you create a social graph around travel. Only people you travel with are part of that social graph.
Soraya Darabi & Foodspotting 2.0Image by Laughing Squid via Flickr
The social of food excites me more than the food of food. Call me a steamed broccoli guy, if you will. But I am going to say food has implications. Food has enormous social implications. Jesus had his last supper.
Tyson Goodridge and Alexa from FoodspottingImage by tysongoodridge via Flickr
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