February 15: EatUp?

Sign for Madison Square Park, New York CityImage via WikipediaJanuary 15 was the first ever World FoodSpotting Day, and I made a point to go over to Philadelphia to celebrate. It was an amazing experience. I later tweeted saying I had never had so much fun eating with perfect strangers before.

But once a year is not enough. The 15th of each month needs to be an EatUp day.

The MeetUp.com platform on which 1/15 was organized tends to run on a monthly cycle. Most MeetUps happen once a month. The FoodSpotting EatUp, I think, has the potential to become the top global event to be using that MeetUp platform. Because people eat, eating is the ultimate social activity.
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The monthly event would also take FoodSpotting into the rich social direction it needs to go into.

Once the ball is in motion, people across the world are going to organize EatUps around their favorite kind of food, their favorite dish, or even EatUps to which only the extended family is invited.

I'd recommend doing that first EatUp around a food truck in New York City, or the Madison Square Park Shake Shack.

2/15 could start small, but 3/15 would need to be big.

If you are hungry, let's eat.
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