Project Noah: FoodSpotting's Sibling Company

Fred_WilsonImage by Nic*Rad via FlickrI just showed up at Fred Wilson's blog, and read through his post for the day. I quit coffee, but have not quit Fred Wilson's blog that I visit near daily. You know I visited because I leave a comment at the bottom of every post I read. I check in the AVC community way.

So I am reading the post and I am thinking, I just found a sibling company to FoodSpotting. Instagram is a sibling company to FourSquare, Project Noah is a sibling company to FoodSpotting.

This is exciting, and underestimated. This is nothing less than a quiet revolution. My first event of the ongoing Social Media Week was the FoodSpotting/Whole Foods panel. I blogged afterwards. I started working on another post right away but never got to completing it. And I am going to cannibalized that for this post. Or maybe it will stay a separate post, my next post: Turning The Table Upside Down With Food.

Food/Social = Physics, Coding = Mathematics

I feel like Project Noah just added a layer on top of Google Street View. You just don't find this detail on Google Street View.

FoodSpotting, though, continues to occupy the royal vertical in the space. There is something social about food that will go unmatched. And look at how Fred Wilson uses the word spot. He used it like he uses the word tweet, or the phrase check in. That word - spot - is FoodSpotting's contribution to the tech world. That is huge.

There are many many verticals in the what after check in space. Soraya Darabi thinks there will be at least 100 by the year end. That sounds right, although I personally am not taking any guesses. I don't know enough about the space.

Facebook Will End Up The Social Graph Operating System

At some point FoodSpotting will also carve out a social graph for you. That map will not, by any stretch of the imagination, compete with the Facebook social graph, but it might become your intimate social graph, like the NYC subway map, one that you use often.

I wonder how FoodSpotting and Project Noah might interact with each other, if at all, and how both will interact with Facebook. Facebook should not look to buy them, it should look to best integrate them. I want the option to move from my NYC subway map to a world map like it were one seamless map.
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