Turning The Table Upside Down With Food

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Project Noah: FoodSpotting's Sibling Company

Food has been a weapon for sexism for the longest time. You are a woman, you belong at home, you need to raise children, you need to be in the kitchen, you need to cook. Food.

Raising children is such a beautiful experience, John Lennon took five years out of his life to raise his son full time. But that same act can be used as a weapon of sexism. It has been.

You reject food, you reject children. You take a stand. That was one thread of feminist protests a few decades back. You don't marry.
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And I am watching FoodSpotting in action and I am thinking, wow. Look at this. You embrace food even more forcefully, you reimagine the experience, you celebrate food like never before, and in the process you turn the tables upside down. Everybody eats. Men can take pictures of their food too.

There is something like a Barack Obama positivity quality to FoodSpotting. You don't talk about race. You just go occupy the most powerful office on earth as a black man. Race is such a fuzzy topic. Most people get defensive talking about it. But many of them happily voted for a black man.

I am not missing FoodSpotting's grand social, political message. There has got to be a FoodSpotting version of raising children. How do you spot a child's moves without taking away from the experience? That's another startup in the what after check in space. Through new technology raising children could become a truly shared experience. It is meant to be joy, no?

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