Android Has To Be Kept Free

Microsoft making money from Android is criminal behavior. Oracle attempting to make money from Android is criminal behavior. This has to stop. Android has to be kept free. These attempts by PC era companies is the non innovative way to go after Android. Oracle does not even exist in the smartphone space, but I guess the Oracle CEO's best friend does. That is taking friendship too far. Microsoft is a distant also ran in the smartphone space, and so it has decided to play foul.

Microsoft And Oracle Misbehaving On Android

Android being free is fundamental to what Android is all about. Charging for Android from the back door would be a major setback to the Android phenomenon.

Considering the smartphone is how the vast majority of humanity will come online, it can be argued this is to be the Android century. Android is robust and it is free. It is as good as any in performance and it is free. If it is no longer free, that takes away from the shine of Android.

Google Plus might have been the first major hit by Google's new CEO Larry Page, but this scuffle is his first major test. I mean, this is World War III material. The damage intended by Microsoft and Oracle can not be measured in the few billions the two old companies seek to make from their invalid claims. These two companies wish to stand between humanity and the internet.

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Permanent War

It is time to go to war. And so I say to Larry Page, let's go to war. Fight the legal battles, sure. But, more important, rebuild Android from scratch. Get rid of the legacy software. Build something better. While the idiocy called software patents is in place, that might be the best short term solution.

Larry Page At The Helm
I Will Not Miss Eric
Sergey Brin's Is The Right Stand

This is such a major issue I would happily wish doom on Microsoft the company, the entire company, on this. Windows is unnecessary. You should not have to pay for productivity tools. Skype has a ready substitute. The same would go for Oracle. Database software can be ad supported and be made free.

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