Android Is Taking Over As Expected

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New York Times: Bits: The iPhone Has a Real Fight on Its Hands: “Make no mistake: Google wants to kill the iPhone. We won’t let them.” ..... Phones powered by Google’s Android operating system are now the most popular among smartphones in the United States
It is not possible Apple is surprised by this. This has been a tussle not between rival technologies but rival philosophies, and open was bound to win. It was only a matter of time.

Android is not going to kill the iPhone, it is just going to walk away with the lion's share of the market. That is not death, that is diminution.

Android taking the lead is not news, Apple acting surprised would be. Save the headlines for Apple's reaction.
Newsweek: Android Invasion: Android now has leapt past Apple to become the biggest smart-phone platform in the United States, the third-biggest worldwide, and by far the fastest growing..... 11 million lines of code, the whole program takes up only 200 megabytes of space, about as much as 40 MP3 songs. .... reshaping the fortunes of the world’s biggest tech companies..... Apple’s momentum has stalled ..... by 2014 Android will have 25 percent market share in smart phones, more than double Apple’s 11 percent share ...... The mobile revolution may be the biggest wave ever to hit the world of computing. Just as mainframes gave way to minicomputers, which in turn gave way to personal computers, the PC now is being displaced by smart phones and tablets...... By next year 5 billion mobile phones will be in service, out of a total world population of about 7 billion .... smart phones represent a kind of “exobrain” that augments our regular brain ...... what happens when most of the residents of planet Earth carry a device that gives them instant access to pretty much all of the world’s information? The implications–for politics, for education, for global economics–are dizzying..... will so profoundly change the lives of people in the deepest rural parts of the emerging market ..... the biggest technology market that has ever existed. .... By 2013 the mobile Internet ecosystem–money spent on access fees, online commerce, paid services, and advertising–will be worth more than half a trillion dollars per year .... By collecting location information from mobile phones, for example, Nokia can make traffic predictions. .... a small computer that happens to make phone calls ..... Android-based phones already generate enough new advertising revenue to cover the cost of the software’s development .... 1 billion Android phones in the world and notes that if Google could get just $10 from each user per year ..... Rubin worked at Apple from 1989 to 1992 ..... He was hanging out on a beach in the Cayman Islands when he came up with the idea of creating an open-source operating system for mobile phones. ..... a compatibility test suite, a list of things a phone must have in order to carry the Android brand and to run Google applications like Google Maps ..... the lawsuits demonstrate that rivals recognize Android has become a serious threat..... Gingerbread .... Honeycomb

Android was not an in home innovation by Google. It was bought innovation, but Google still gets credit. Google spotted Android. There is a badge for that.

If the future of the web is mobile, as many say and I agree that to be true for the next five year period, definitely, then Android is in a sweet spot. Google as a company is still on the cutting edge. It does not need a Facebook envy.

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