Android Ascendancy

GigaOm: U.S. Mobile Web Usage A Win-Win for Google: Android has a 25 percent share of mobile usage, up from around 10 percent last November .... Apple’s iOS platform, which powers the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, currently stands at 56 percent, down from a peak of nearly 70 percent at the end of 2009 ..... Google comes out a winner both today and in the foreseeable future due to mobile search. The main source of Google revenue is indeed search, but the real growth is in searching for data away from the desktop...... Essentially, Google has benefitted from mobile search since the iPhone launched in 2007 with Google as the default search engine. But now the search giant is outselling other mobile platforms

It is only a matter of time before Android's share surpasses that of the Apple platform. Steve Jobs set out to make expensive cars. That is his thing. There are cheap cars, and there are expensive cars. Steve Jobs is the guy who makes expensive cars.

Apple's business model has worked for Apple. The company surpassed Microsoft's market value, did it not? That is not my definition of failure. But a company that never set to reach the masses will not reach the masses. No surprises there.

Wait until the Chrome OS netbooks hit the market.

Microsoft feels like a loser in the mobile space now. After the Chrome OS netbooks appear, it is going to get hit big time on the desktop as well.

This dog - Google - is going to hunt.

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