Microsoft And Oracle Misbehaving On Android

Image representing Sun Microsystems as depicte...Image via CrunchBaseI have not dug into the details, but what I know is Android was supposed to be free. And I get the impression both Microsoft and Oracle are after Android. This is sad.

But Sun's Java went open source a long time ago, no? What seems to be the problem?

Larry Ellison going after SAP is fun, but this is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. Android has to be kept free. It is to do with humanity. The leftover swathes of humanity, if they ever will come online, Android will be it. And it makes no sense to jack up the prices. You do that and less people get to come online.

For the first time I am wishing retirement upon Steve Ballmer and Larry Ellison.

Leave Android alone.

The gist of the story is this: the PC guys - Steve Jobs, Steve Ballmer, Larry Ellison - are going after the Internet guy - Larry Page.

The story should end thus: software patents should be disallowed. The patent trolls have been creating mayhem. Takes energy away from innovation.

TechCrunch: Larry Page On Android Patent Problems: “There Hasn’t Been Any Slow Down”
Android is under assault from Oracle as well as Microsoft and Apple. ..... Google only has roughly 700 patents, and they recently lost a bid to gain Nortel’s 6,000+ patents — with those going to, who else, Microsoft and Apple, among others ..... “Android is on a tear,” Page continued. He reiterated many of the massive numbers he shared earlier in the call — 550,000 Android activations a day, etc. He pointed to the 231 carrier partners and 78 open handset alliance partners that Google has — so far, they don’t appear to be scared of the patent issue.
ZDNet: Microsoft could be a winner in Oracle's patent attack over Java
Even though the Redmondians have no love for Oracle and consider the company one of Microsoft’s foremost competitors, any attack on Google is no doubt a plus in Microsoft execs’ eyes. Oracle’s move gives Windows Phone 7 more air cover. Microsoft likely will benefit from the fallout of the suit to some degree as developers and customers wonder and worry about the fate of Android-based phones. The Oracle vs. Google lawsuit also may boost the Microsoft .Net to a degree, as .Net’s No. 1 rival is Java. I’ve seen a couple of tweets from individuals saying Oracle’s move may drive them, in disgust, to .Net. ....... Sun sued Microsoft in 1997 over alleged Java patent infringements, and after much wrangling, the two settled and Microsoft paid Sun $1 billion plus. Microsoft ended up dropping Java and developing its own Java-like C# language. Another Microsoft angle: Oracle has hired “Microsoft slayer” David Boies — the lawyer who represented the Department of Justice in Microsoft’s U.S. antitrust trial a decade ago — to handle its Java complaint...... Larry: “So what’s the best deal the Sun dudes ever made with Java?” Drones: “Sue Microsoft and get $1.6bln?” Larry: “Oh, really?” ...... So whats up with Oracle’s decision to go after Google over Java? It set Java back years when Sun made the same move against Microsoft! ...... Is Java the most litigated software? Sun, Kodak, Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, Google; who hasn’t sued someone over it? ...... Go Oracle / Sun! You forced Microsoft to abandon Java, maybe you can get Google to do the same! ....... So what now…? Boycott #Oracle in an attempt to save #Java, or give in to #Microsoft …or maybe take up fishing. .......
Reuters: Oracle wants to question Google's Larry Page
Oracle sued Google last year, claiming the Web search company's Android mobile operating technology infringes upon Oracle's Java patents ..... In a court filing on Thursday, Oracle requested the court's permission to take Page's deposition, saying he made the decision to acquire Android, Inc. ..... Google has sent a notice that it wants Ellison in a deposition to answer questions under oath, Oracle wrote. ..... Google called Oracle's request a "harassing demand" because it could get the same information from other sources
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