Nosh: The Starting Point Is Not The Dish

Image representing Foodspotting as depicted in...Image via CrunchBaseI have long been a proponent of adding a social element to FoodSpotting, (FoodSpotting API) and Nosh seems to have that element, but where Nosh does not seem to "get" it is that with Nosh the dish does not seem to be the starting point. That is a big minus. (FoodSpotting's Dish As Starting Point)

The social graph I have had in mind for FoodSpotting has been more the Color kind than the Facebook kind. FoodSpotting could be an amazing force for peace. And I don't feel like I am exaggerating. I do mean to talk geopolitics.

The Color Social Graph Might Work Better For Books, Movies, Music
Twitter ---> Instagram ---> FoodSpotting

But if I were FoodSpotting, this would be a wake up call to me. The brain behind Nosh was the same brain behind what today is Google Voice. The guy sure has the tech chops. And he is trying to fork into the FoodSpotting space from the Instagram paradigm. But he has already exhibited some major vision level blind spots. The name Firespotter borrows half the body from the name FoodSpotting. Thief!

TechCrunch: Firespotter Labs Launches Nosh: A Food-Centric Instagram That’ll Tell You What To Order
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Anonymous said…
Good points. You should check out Been testing their app and now they are on the app store. They haven't sent out a press release yet, but I after reading your post (found it via techcrunch while checking out nosh - eh!) I wanted to give you a heads up.

It's a completely different take on social around food - and actually works for me as a foodie! In fact - I am not sure if any other app does what they do. :)