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Fred WilsonImage by Lachlan Hardy via FlickrIf how often I visit a particular blog is the way to measure, Fred Wilson very much continues to be my favorite solo blogger. He does have a home base advantage in that both of us are New Yorkers, but his standing in the blogosphere is obvious. Yesterday his blog post was the top featured story at TechMeme when I visited it, which was in the evening.

But Fred's post today stands out even among his blog posts. And it beats his post from yesterday which was featured at TechMeme. Whether or not we are in a bubble is not of great interest to me as a debate - I don't think we are in one, although there will be plenty of pain to go around along the way as we navigate what will largely be a boom decade - but his take on Android and HTML5 is spot on.

A child is not a mini adult. A lot of people still mistake the mobile web to be the MiniMe web, and it is not. The mobile web is in a class of its own. And the hyperactivity in the space should tell you the night is young. The iPhone apps are a throwback to the PC era. Google remains committed to the web - both in the big screen space and the mobile space.
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I don't want to repeat Fred's points. Just go ahead and read the post. It is amazing.

Fred Wilson: Where Should Mobile Developers Focus?
I don't own Apple stock or Google stock.... many Blackberry users who still want a keyboard are moving to Android .... when T-Mobile sells an Android powered smartphone for $30, that's a game changer. Android smartphones are cheap and getting cheaper. ..... the declining share of the "also rans" which include Microsoft and Palm ..... I am pretty convinced we are going to see the mobile OS market split between Apple and Google, with Apple having the better business in terms of revenues and profits and Android having the bigger market share. ...... Open platforms win and closed platforms die. ..... when thinking about where to invest your precious mobile development resources, I'd say Android first and iPhone second. And think hard about HTML5. You may want to hedge your bets by having a kick ass HTML5 experience..... developing solely for iOS, which is a very common thing I see out there, is not the right strategy
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