Quora: A Satellite Company To Twitter

There is this urge to label some new company the next Twitter, or the next FourSquare. For one, you sound like a visionary when you do, and so people jump to do it.

One mistake people make is to only take into account the time dimension. There is this linear flow. So if Path came after FourSquare, it is perhaps the next FourSquare. Not.

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You have to think in terms of the web space, you have to think of neighborhoods.

I think Path is a satellite company to Facebook. It will never even remotely get the size of Facebook, not that it is trying to. But it could happily co-exist. And the hard core users might use Path more than Facebook.

Instagram is not a satellite company to FourSquare. It could match FourSquare's size, possibly even surpass. I have called it a sibling company to FourSquare.

So where would I put Quora? I think Quora is a satellite company to Twitter. It is to Twitter what Path is to Facebook. Quora will never get to Twitter size. But it will have its avid users.

If you think about it Quora is another attempt at mapping the interest graph. Twitter maps the information graph.

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