Facebook Will End Up The Social Graph Operating System

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...Image via CrunchBaseFacebook, far in the future, will likely recede into the background. Facebook will have its Google days. That is but inevitable.

Facebook did not create the social graph. It merely tried to map what already existed out there. But then a social graph where everyone is a friend is not the best possible map.

There are many social graphs. That is our reality. There will be many maps. Facebook is like a broad map of the world. And it can hope to become better and better, but sometimes you don't want a map of the world, you just want a map of the NYC subway system. Or maybe most of the time you just want that.

And that map might be your contacts on your phone, people you might be open to taking phone calls from. That actually is better than Path's limit of 50 friends. The number perhaps hovers near 100. And it is different for different people.

There are all sorts of social graphs that are possible. Even from your contacts list on the phone, many social graphs can be curated.

The reality that we have known is there are many social graphs, and they change. When you move to a new city, your social graph changes. Your social graph is different when you are at a party on a Friday evening. The immediate matters, no?
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