Top VC Bloggers: The Numbers Don't Look Right

TechCrunch has an interesting post: The Top 20 VC Power Bloggers Of 2010.

It's good to see Fred Wilson, Brad Feld, Chris Dixon, Charlie O'Donnell, and Albert Wenger on the list. These are people I have met in person or, in Brad Feld's case, interacted online. Of all the people on the list, I personally know Fred Wilson best, either in terms of how often I visit their blog and leave comments at their blog, or in terms of how many times I have met in person.

Not surprisingly I am rooting for Fred to retake this number one slot this year. I don't think Paul Graham blogs daily. And Y Combinator has a much larger buzz than Union Square Ventures as a brand name, but collectively USV's portfolio companies have a much larger buzz than the Y Combinator companies. By a wide, wide margin. But most people who buzz about Fred's portfolio companies don't know a guy called Fred Wilson exists.

And so I am doing the math and I am thinking Fred Wilson i-s the top VC blogger. He blogs daily, he reads every single comment left at his blog - Paul Graham does not even have a comments section - and Fred's portfolio is really something. John Doerr had his 1985-2000 run. Fred Wilson's run is 2005-2020. Most of it has not even happened yet. Just you watch.

The numbers look fishy to me. This blog of mine gets 30,000 to 60,000 page hits a month. I have a hard time believing I get more page hits than Chris Dixon and Charlie O'Donnell a-n-d Brad Feld. Something's not right. On the other hand it is true that Chris Dixon and Charlie O'Donnell don't blog daily. Chris blogs about once a week. He told me so.

You know what I am thinking? Seriously. My secret - now not so secret - ambition is to become the top tech entrepreneur blogger. I want to be among tech entrepreneurs what Fred Wilson is among VCs. He is the top VC blogger. No, it's not Paul Graham. The Wikipedia gets more page hits than Paul Graham. What's that supposed to mean? It is Fred Wilson.

To be the top tech entrepreneur blogger you have to do two things. First and foremost you have to build a great tech company. You have to build a company that will go IPO, that will reinvent an industry, you have to build one of those companies. And you have to blog daily, and read all comments people leave. I got the blog part down. I blog more than daily. I blog several times a day. I figured I have to beat Fred Wilson at something. He blogs daily. So I have been blogging several times a day for months now. I want to get 100,000 hits a month and build upon that. It is very possible.

Blogging is something you have to incorporate into your lifestyle. You have to blog as you go about your business. In a few weeks I will be pitching Fred Wilson for $250,000 at a 10 million valuation for my FinTech company. And I will be blogging along the way, you bet.

To be a blogger, you have to blog daily. Simple as that. That is why Paul Graham is not in the reckoning. "Essays" are not blog posts. If you think "essays" are blog posts, you don't know what blogging is. Fred Wilson has the crown.

The competition to be the top tech entrepreneur blogger is so easy. There is no one else in the running even. To compete with me Mark Zuckerberg is going to have to blog daily, Dennis Crowley is going to have to blog daily, Sergey Brin is going to have to blog daily. They ain't got s--t on me.

They have a huge advantage though. They have already built their companies, but I don't see them blogging daily for some reason. And they did not start blogging as soon as they started their companies. Even if they start blogging now, I have a leg on them. They missed out on their early, formative years. Pincus has a decent blog, but he does not blog daily either. I got Pincus to email me a few times early in 2009 simply by leaving comments at his blog. The guy was not getting a-n-y comments.

And then you have Fred Wilson. His blog posts get 100-200 comments routinely.

And so I have the field all to myself. Now all I have to do is build a great company. I will blog along the way, you bet. You get a front seat to the show if you keep visiting my blog every day. Let me show you how a great company is built.

I am in the running to be the top tech entrepreneur blogger in the world. Not the top tumblogger, mind you. David Karp has that covered, and I am not even competing there. On Tumblr, I mostly just reblog. But then Fred has a tumblog too. The guy also has a radio station, but that is another story.

It's official, people. Fred Wilson is the top VC blogger in the world.
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