New York Times Paywall Sucks

The New York Times building in New York, NY ac...Image via WikipediaSo yesterday the New York Times website kept bombarding me with pop ups saying I had only two more articles left for the month, two out of 20.

They should have warned me at 10 left. I would not have read all those travel articles I read: vicarious living.

Pop ups are bad. Period. Don't do pop ups. Firefox climbed up by simply helping you fight pop ups. What is the New York Times thinking?

Tear Down This Paywall

I thought I read somewhere that if you show up at a New York Times article from some social media destination like Twitter or Facebook, that does not count against your monthly limit. Well, I did.

I went from this tweet to this article. And the pop up said I had only one more article for the month. Why? Did it not register that it was a tweet from Steve Case? This is not working for me.

I am not big on pop ups.

Look, I am not paying. I am going elsewhere. Otherwise I have been in the habit of tweeting out almost every New York Times article I ever read. For the 45,000 followers I have on Twitter, that was free marketing for you.

While the New York Times figures out a better business model, hello there Washington Post.

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