Met The Sixth Bihari

Denise RichardsCover of Denise RichardsI showed up for what I thought was a panel discussion on Assange and Wikileaks earlier in the day, instead much of the discussion was about denial of service attacks.

But the Q and A session surfaced the sixth Bihari I have met in America. The dude went on and on about how great Bihar was but global media, social and otherwise, had not been paying attention to the glorious history and greatness of the 80 million Biharis. It was one of those and your question is moments. My man. Fellow Bihari.

Slumdog Millionaire: A Movie About My People
Third World Guy

I lazied around and ended up attending the panel discussion after that. It was great. Two famous faces were on the stage.
Denise at the movie premiere of The World is n...Image via WikipediaActress Denise Richards who I have seen on the cover of tabloids, but I have not seen in any movie. And someone who was in a Gap ad over the Holidays. I remembered seeing in an YouTube video clip.

Social Media Week goes on. A party tomorrow and a party Friday, and it is over. I will have done eight events. That is about five or six more than planned.

Seven Social Media Week Events

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