As For Quora: Blogging Still Rules

This is Fred Wilson at Quora. And this is Fred Wilson's blog. Some of you might have visited. I visit near daily. The days I miss - rare - I catch up later.

Now that I am active at Quora, I don't feel like, thank God Fred Wilson is on Quora, now I no longer have to visit his blog.

On the other hand you have Dennis Crowley. He is at Quora. He does not have a blog, not that I know of. He is on Tumblr, but that is more a place to share than create media. I do follow him there.

But Dennis seems to be active on Quora. His last activity is from this past week. Looks like Fred logged in a year back.

Dennis Crowley is perhaps the most visible tech entrepreneur in NYC right now. Fred Wilson is the most visible venture capitalist.

I wish Dennis had a blog. He did not need to blog daily like Fred does. Once a week would have been just fine. But the guy has voted with his feet. He has no blog. But he is active on Quora. And of all places I can find him - Twitter, Tumblr - I think Quora is my favorite.

Quora has joined the ranks of Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr in my personal world, but blogging continues to be my favorite social media platform. No, it's not Facebook.

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