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U2, Kalvøya-festivalen, Norway, August 21st 1983Image via WikipediaI don't "get" Quora yet.

I mean, I get it. I see its importance. I see why it is hot. I see why it needs to survive and thrive. But I don't "get" it in that I am not an avid user yet.

It feels more like a way to rub shoulders with some top names in tech than anything else. But after a few years in New York City, you kind of get past that celebrity thing. Accomplished people make for interesting conversations, sure, but that is not true of all famous people. And there are famous people in all sorts of domains.

I have never owned a TV. I don't watch TV. So I routinely miss out on hit shows. I have been to a few parties where you get introduced to people who are apparently on some kind of a show, and you are like, you know, I am sorry, but we are just going to have to start with names. My name is. I mean, I don't know you, you come across as a pleasant person, so tell me more about your show, what is it about?

No, this is not like Larry Summers totally missing out on Bono. False comparison.

I did sign up for Quora a while ago. It felt like the right thing to do. But I had not visited in a while. So when I logged in, I was perplexed to find I had more than 300 followers. That is more than what Albert Wenger has. And I am like, how did these people find me? It can't be because they read one of my answers. I have not participated much at all. I can see why they follow me, they like me, thank you, but how did they find me in the first place?

Wow, man, I am getting popular. And these are intelligent people. The early crowd at Quora is a swell crowd. Maybe I should get active. I have been encouraged. Thank you my followers.

Follow me.
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