Wait, Did They Say Froth?

The New York Times building in New York, NY ac...Image via WikipediaI wrote and published this last post - Bubble Talk Goes On: It's An Overshoot - before I read the Fred Wilson post or the New York Times story. I wrote my blog post after skimming the two headlines. I winged it, as you might put it.

And then I proceeded to read Fred's post, and several comments left at the bottom. And now I was reading the New York Times story, and one word struck me: froth. The two writers have used the word froth. And I am going to claim that word came from my blog post: Bubble, Boom Or Froth?

But no attribution? No link. I could have used a link. I would have liked the first link to my blog from the New York Times. I take major pride in my hometown newspaper. I read it often and link to it often.

Netizen Has Arrived: A Link From AVC

Hello Jenny Deluxe, hello Evelyn Rusli.

Now let me go finish reading the story. It is very, very well written.
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