I Am A Browser Bigot

MacWorld Conference & Expo 2007 - San Francisc...Image via WikipediaI have called Steve Jobs a Pied Piper at this blog several times before. I mean, the guy goes ahead and does iPhone apps.
Fred Wilson: HTML5 Mobile Apps: They looked and worked exactly like their mobile app counterparts.... you could cache all the elements, including the database, on the phone and deliver an offline experience in HTML5 in the browser .... I've accepted the mobile app paradigm as something we will be living with for the next five years.
But I do realize that HTML 5 is not here yet. Universal wireless broadband is not here yet. And that begets the swamp that begets the mosquitoes: iPhone apps.

You don't want 300,000 iPhone apps. You want 30 billion mobile web sites. You want browser based apps. Having to download is so PC, not as in politically correct, but personal computer.
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