Education Is Media, Action Is Thought

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In this video that I first came across here, and then the money quote - like Fred Wilson might put it - that I came across here first, Fred Wilson says Education is media.

My first reaction was the guy just stole my idea. I have been mulling over this for a long time now, for at least a decade, more, but I had not quite been able to distill it into one simple, obvious phrase, and he just did it.

Education is indeed media.

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Everything that can go online needs to go online. That does not take away from the in person experience. The opposite happens. If you do it right, the in person experience is richer than ever before.

Textbooks, journal articles, lecture videos, they all need to go online. We can't create enough teachers and professors fast enough to feed the masses out there.

That about education. But that also has implications for the workplace.

A blog post is in the thought realm. A tweet is in the thought realm. A video like the one above is in the thought realm. When Fred Wilson shows up for an event like this, it is action, he is moving his limbs to get there. When he gets on stage and talks, that is action. He is having to move his lips. But once his appearance becomes video, that enters the thought realm for the rest of us.

How much of corporate action is or can be thought-action? Almost all of it. That has serious implications for innovation, efficiency, scaling, wealth creation.
Fred Wilson - Naked TruthImage by Randy Stewart via Flickr
Another thing that Fred touched upon was the idea not of content but platform. Twitter is a platform, Tumblr is a platform. That part of the talk tied into my recent two posts about Ground Report. With a slight tweak in the business model, I believe Ground Report could take off as a serious, global platform for full form content.

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