GroundReport Needs To Get GroupOnized To Take Off

GroundReport is a greaaat idea, inspiring/touching actually to a Third World guy like me.

Its roots lie is Rachel Sterne's dissatisfaction with the UN Security Council, the ultimate bubble/ivory tower in global politics. I have also long been dissatisfied with the UN Security Council.

It is not true what GroundReport is trying to do is a saturated market. The opposite is true. But it is important to get the business model right.

I think the solution lies in GroupOnizing GroundReport. Anyone gets to suggest story ideas. But unless at least 100 people paying $1 each go for it, the story remains just an idea. Once the threshold is reached, the story idea enters the marketplace with a deadline. The 100 people who paid get to vote on which the best story is. GroundReport splits the money 50-50. But all submitted stories stay on site and listed on the writer's profile page where they still get revenue share based on page hits.

GroundReport retains the right to syndicate the stories to any and all media organizations. For pay of course. And there is further revenue share with the writers, producers of content.

Audio, video, text, all are fair game.

I think this could take off fast just like GroupOn. Mindfood is easier to manage than all those offline deals. You demand creation for a dollar, and you feast upon all that gets created.

And my consulting fee for this would be.

When it takes off like GroupOn, I suggest hiring Upendra as a consultant and going to Columbia as a Visiting Professor, about once a semester.

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