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Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBaseAbout Orkut you could argue perhaps Facebook was late coming, you could look for cultural reasons. But Twitter is the same Twitter in every country. Why is Brazil so much more into Twitter than every other country? How do you explain this?

I think the populism of Lula's presidency has given rise to a sense of ebullience and empowerment among the peoples of Brazil across the class lines. He has managed to bring out this feeling that the president of Brazil belonged to all people, and especially the poor. It was not a government of the rich, by the rich, for the rich.

I see a connection between Lula's presidency and Brazil's arrival on the world stage and Twitter's rise in Brazil.
India Server: Twitter Usage - Brazil Takes The Lead: the number of users is growing faster than in the US, Britain, Spain, Japan and other developed countries. .... Brazilian politicians, athletes and celebrities of all kinds have succumbed to "Twittermania," a phenomenon that has become a true source of first-hand information and threatens take over terrain from the country's press services. ..... Twitter's immediacy and pace have spurred Twitter's progress in Brazil against blogs and other more traditional media. .... the number of visits increased by 71 percent over the previous month .... Aside from the sports world, politics has also become Twitter territory in Brazil .... The mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes, and the governor of Sao Paulo state, Jose Serra, are two of the more active users of the service. .... Serra, who has almost 50,000 followers on Twitter

Twitter in Brazil: Twitter has taken Brazil by storm and has become one of the site’s fastest growing markets .... the site has changed the way Brazilians participate in politics, and how politicians reach their constituents ..... it has managed to mobilize protests and inspire a political movement during an otherwise politically apathetic period, with citizens jaded by endless corruption scandals. ...... Brazil has the highest percentage of users of all of the
Twitter logo initialImage via Wikipedianon-English speaking countries polled ..... Twitter is the fastest growing social networking site in Brazil this year, since it has grown by 477% in 2009, and also represents the “intellectual elite” of Brazil, since 1 in 4 users have a college education. ..... 91.4% use Twitter as their main source of new information on the Internet, followed by blogs (74.6%) and news portals (61.6%) ..... In the past few weeks, Brazilian topics have made it into the top ten trending topics on Twitter, like Corinthians (the Sao Paulo soccer team). ..... In Brazil, where informality, friendship, and making important connections during leisure activities are all key elements in professional life, Twitter allows politicians to connect to voters on a personal level without having to meet them in person. ...... sued Twitter for allowing the creation of a false profile with her name. However, Lins’ lawyers wound up suing the wrong target—Twitter Brasil, which is actually a Portuguese-language blog about Twitter, and was temporarily shut down after the court case. ...... Tas is one of the most followed Brazilians on Twitter with nearly 157,000 followers ...... Twitter has become an important tool in helping Brazilians create a more just democracy
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