Brazil: The Largeness Of A Country

Some countries are huge geographically but minuscule in population: Canada, Russia, Australia. Brazil is not one of those. Its large presence on the map is matched by the people who populate that map.

Brazil's might is economically felt through its presence on the G20 club of the world's largest economies. It is one of the faster growing of the world's largest economies. Brazil is a BRIC country - Brazil, Russia, India, China - a country to watch as it rises. It is the leading South American country, and not just by size.
Yekaterinburg, Russia. BRIC (Brazil, Russia, I...Image via WikipediaIt has started to perform.

Brazil has really emerged this past decade. Brazil's strides promise a future for the world that is a family of nations, and not an awkward club of haves and have nots. Brazil has historically been a poor country, many Brazilians are still quite poor. Brazil used to be a classic Third World country. But there comes a time in a poor country's life when it still has millions of poor, but it has managed to give rise to a large global class that competes globally on global terms. Brazil is already there. And that global action, handled well, can lead to a further alleviation of poverty.

Brazil is what many other poor countries can hope to be. Brazil has, sort of, arrived. Brazil is one of those countries I would want to go into with my microfinance startup.

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