Ingress: Could The Squad Be Cross Faction?

Last night agent BxBomber (green) put forth an interesting thought. How about having a cross faction Squad? I had not thought about it, but the idea makes tremendous sense.

A cross faction Squad would be a mark of good sportsmanship. I can think of few secrets in this game. This is a simple game. I am a blue agent. When I see a green L7 farm my first instinct is to hack. I get the same AP for capturing a L3 green portal as I would a L7 green portal, but L7 portals are harder to capture.

To me the most exciting aspect of this game is complex fielding. And so what I have been most excited about for the past few months now has been making portal submissions.

What would a cross faction Squad do? It would come up with best practices in the game to publicly share. It would organize cross faction events. That would include L7 and L8 farms. It would make major efforts at portal submissions and player recruiting. It would come up with a set of values.

I am open to the idea. Let the brainstorming begin.

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