Ingress: That Dosa Thang!

Today was supposed to be the Inter Faction Jackson Dosa Interaction, src's brainchild. But my Co-Host chickened out! SRC is like, tomhuze says you revealed the NYC Resistance secrets through code heavy photographs you shared publicly on Google Plus, and so I can no longer talk to you!

Part of the plan was that both src and I would take about five minutes each to make fun of as many agents in the city as possible. If you deprive me the opportunity to do so at a Dosa place, I am going to do it at a blog post, and so here goes.

Mutex yesterday went to a mental hospital (true story) to make portal submissions. What makes Mutex think derp is not going to end up at a mental hospital?

As one of the top agents of the global Resistance, I truly appreciate what tomhuze and rmazzara do for Bedstuy Resistance and College Point Resistance respectively. That low level stuff is also important.

Kimon finally got his long coveted job as the Night Watchman for the Grant's Tomb. He will no longer teach.

I have never seen KeyserJoze in person.

samps is out there on the Upper West Side, or rather Upper Upper West Side.

exussum owns some green portals in Jackson Heights. chicory just pays rent on them.

Henrock was last seen in Long Island City. Wait, Corona. Wait, Astoria. Wait, Flushing. Wait, Flushing Meadows Corona Park. Wait, Forest Hills. Wait, Elmhurst. .... Henrock was last seen riding a bus.

No, mugu does not live in Williamsburg, he just farms there.

Das is so deeply biased against Astoria and Queens in general that when he shows up in Astoria (two times) and the Flushing Meadows Corona Park (one time) he makes news.

kogent and Muevelo have been talking.

MeyB will finally capture the American Natural History Museum, maybe.

putch pushed lighthouse0 into the East River. It was accidental.

DrOctagon has been getting on Henrock's nerves.

AbuSalem is on vacation, hence the Level 5 green portals in Long Island City that used to always be Level 7!

And you thought R2Detour was a human being.

I bet you mispronounce sma. It is NOT s-m-a!

314159265358979 is half Indian like me. But his Pakistani half battles with my Nepali half! That confuses exussum.

TIM3PORT went to New Jersey, to return another day. The first agent to have a baby on the COMM!

evondosha knows what mugu's handle means. It is an inside joke.

PaulineParker and MissParker stole each other's name. It does not help that both are not on the same team.

Gladly QueensTiger and BronxLion are on the same team. Or you could only imagine.

RedJava is rumored to be red hot! She is supposedly into The Art Of War.

MzDemeanor knows how to carry herself.

slomar took five hours to sweep through Forest Hills. He is slow like that. Kruxoli on the other than can sweep in four hours 60 minutes! And both want L8 farms there!

JPNasty1 does the Ingress version of masturbation. He plays on all of Staten Island all by himself, all weekend long!

Arbitrage arbitrarily RSVPd for the Dosa event before he realized it was in, wait, is it in Queens! I am not going THERE!

I don't claim to know district. He claims otherwise.

Mexecutioner, you guessed it, killed a few agents on his last mission in Mexico.

Gellean would be that white haired white guy who cusses in Spanish. He likes to retire from the game every few weeks.

WW4 thinks Ingress will give him World War IV. Redneck!

Sonik was last seen in Bayonne. If anyone knows of his whereabouts please call the following number.

Eck has been eeking out ingressing far out on Long Island. He howls every now and then.

BeaKay organized a Flash event.

Hightwr is tall, so is TinyA.

Avumede claims he doesn't "care" about the blue portals around him.

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