Ingress: State Of The Game: New York City

There is no accurate way to measure, but I think right now the city is looking over 50% green. Only a few weeks back the city was the bluest I had ever seen since I started playing the game on February 1. The city looked 66% blue. Bringing about a split between huze and me was a green political move. ("Oh, we have been getting intel from his pictures!") Huze got used.

The green team has major momentum. I have a feeling they will go all the way to 66% green. At that point arrogance sets in and the team starts making mistakes. Then the pendulum swings again.

We all know portals are not for keeps. Portals flip, all the time.

Staten Island, Bayonne, Southern Brooklyn, Bushwick, Upper West Side, Columbia are still solid blue. You can't shift those regions without cultivating local players. Visits don't do tricks in such solid regions.

I am riding out this storm. And I am glad I am.

Instead I have been making portal submissions: over 220 made just this weekend. I think I might have made over 500 so far, most of them in the past two weeks. One day 20 of my submissions went live and that gave me a jolt to submit more. And so I did. Central Queens will look very different in two months.

Once the green team hits 66% -- heck, if they play it right they might even hit 70 -- and there are five times more people playing the game in the city I am going to start building a new Resistance team called The Squad. For now I am on a sabbatical.

It has been my contention derp is the top Ingress player in the world. And AP is the only way to measure it. Right now I want to see if the guy will break that 66% barrier. It is very hard to do.

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