Ingress: The Squad: Racially Coded Language

You can see fatasses on both sides engaging in racially coded language. They act like they are but on the same team.

Ingress (27)
Ingress (28)
Ingress: Portal Building, Field Building, Farm Building, Team Building

This reaching across the team dividing line (there are only two global teams possible) with racially coded language is not exactly a new observation on my part. But Ingress in its purity is supposed to help you cut across social barriers. But it is a knife. You can cut vegetables with it, or you can cause harm. Some people use the game to express their prejudices. It's their choice.

G+ socializing is mostly a waste of time. COMM socializing is mostly a waste of time. This game is played outdoors where you actively interact with portals. But faction chat verbal wars are I guess part and parcel of the game. Once in a while you just have to engage.

As I build The Squad I am going to keep chat verbal action and racially coded language in mind.
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