Meeting Kevin Slavin: Tumblr's Brilliance

I have been following Slavin on Tumblr for months now. I have known him as one of the most prolific of all the 100 plus people I follow on Tumblr. Him, Mike Hudack, Anthony De Rosa (soupsoup - why do you have to say it two times?), vruz, these dudes are prolific. And these are hard core politicians pretending to be in tech.

I started following Slavin because he was on David Noel's list of entrepreneurs and VCs to follow. I am not on that list. That explains why I have only 70 followers on Tumblr. I do better on Quora where I have 1,000 followers. And I am not much active on Quora. But I am on Tumblr every day.

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Earlier I got an email from him. Hi, we have never met, but noticed you follow me on Tumblr, would like to introduce you to a friend of mine who works with Yunus. I emailed him back, then proceeded to visit his tumblog. I mean, so far I had just been seeing him in my stream. From his tumblog I went to the About page. And ends up this dude sold a company to Zynga a few months back. I was aware of that sale. I just had no idea who the founder had been, or that I was already following him on Tumblr.

He is the founder of Area/Code.

Not only that he told he was currently in Georgia. And I am thinking, Baratunde has been flooding my Facebook stream with his tweets from Georgia. My hunch was right. They were on the same trip.

And so Slavin and I exchanged a few emails. We are meeting in person on Friday on Park Slope. Both of us are saying our days are wide open that day. His day is wide open because he is post exit. My day is wide open because I am pre exit.

I just might have found my first angel investor for my microfinance startup. Good timing. I think they might grant me political asylym later today. I was shooting for an honorary citizenship, but I guess I will take the asylum.

But not counting my chicken before they are hatched. I mean, it would be great to meet someone like Slavin regardless of if he invests or not. Or at least that is the thing to say. :-)

If Kevin comes along, I am cleaning up my deck - consulting? second startup? - and going full time with microfinance.