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Map of Austin, TexasImage via WikipediaIn search of a consulting gig I am in talks with an early stage entrepreneur in Texas. It is amazing to watch his mind work. He has been active in the space he wants to build his tech startup in for almost a decade. The guy has been immersed. That is a good sign. He has a wonderful slide deck. It really spells out the vision. And he has raised some angel money from his brother.

The passion comes through. The knowledge comes through.

One thing I also noted was the dude is suspicious of VC money. He'd rather not take VC money. That thought process was amusing to me. If you end up facing a situation where you are having to decide if you want to take VC money or not, that is a swell situation to be in. Of course he is just starting, he is not there. But it was something to hear him say that.

He is out of Dallas. Long term either he will stay put in Dallas or will consider moving to Austin. Might as well stay in Dallas. That was another thing to note for me. Innovation is happening everywhere. It is not limited to the Bay Area or to Boston or New York. And Austin is as good as Bay Area, Boston, New York.

I can't talk about the idea, obviously. But it is a promising one. It is obvious enough that you ask, why has this not been done already? I think that is the sign of a good idea. This web property would grow fast.

If I get the gig, my team will build the first two versions. At 10,000 users he might then be able to snag a CTO. My team could still do work after that, but it changes the dynamic once you have an in house CTO.

Passion you need plenty of, and this dude's got it.

Hilary Rowland
Organic Growth
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