My Tumblr Just Got An Upgrade

I signed up for Tumblr as soon as it came out. Because I read about it in the news. Then I forgot about it. During Social Media Week last year (Social Media Week: The Best NY Tech MeetUp Ever) I attended a panel at JP Morgan, and I put a question to a panelist: Casey Culture. I said I was already on all sorts of social media platforms. Do I still need to be on Tumblr? She reasoned yes. So I became active on Tumblr. But it was a slow start. Then I came across a list by David Noel months later. He had listed the top tech entrepreneurs and VCs on Tumblr. I ended up following the entire list. Then it started making sense to visit Tumblr often.

My Tumblog

I mostly just reblog on Tumblr, and do I! My Blogger blogs are where my primary blogging happens. Pretty much everything I can do on Tumblr, I can do on Blogger as well. I like the idea of playing with some basic code. On Tumblr the editor in me comes out. You follow me and that is as good as following everyone I follow. That is the proposition.

I visit Tumblr near daily. And I spend a good chunk of time each visit, at least 30 minutes.

Then they did the tag thing. And that has enhanced my Tumblr experience. I follow the following tags for now: animals, food, landscape, portrait, tech.

And today I came across something that is about to take my Tumblr experience to a whole new level.

Morgan Missen: Where are all the women in tech? On Tumblr!
Tracy Chou Software Engineer at Quora
Caroline McCarthy CNET writer turned Googler
Aubrey Sabala Consumer Marketing at Facebook
Melissa Miranda Co-Founder of Journly
Lauren Leto Co-Founder, Texts From Last Night and Bnter
Melody McCloskey Founder of StyleSeat
Mari Sheibley Designer at Foursquare
Marissa Evans Founder and CEO of Go Try It On
Amanda Peyton Founder of Message Party
Jenna Wortham New York Times Tech Reporter
Danielle Strle Tumblr
Christina Cacioppo Union Square Ventures
Jessica Bigarel Facebook
Rachel Sklar Mediaite
Jillian West Business Analyst at Twitter
Suzanne Xie Founder of Lollihop
Courtenay Bird New Media at FutureWorks
Maya Baratz
Jen Bekman Founder of 20x200
Jen Consalvo Co-Founder of Shinyheart Ventures
Tereza Nemessanyi Co-Founder and CEO of Honestly Now
Soraya Darabi Co-Founder of Foodspotting
Brittany Bohnet Googler turned entrepreneur
Morgan Missen Googler, Twitterer turned entrepreneur
Now I am following everyone on this list. And I feel very good about it.

I don't know how I started following her, and I don't remember her from any of her previous posts. But she has done for me what David Noel did for me early last year.

I am on Tumblr more than ever before, but I am also dissatisfied.

My Tumblog

Tumblr does not make it easy for me and my readers/followers to access my archives. It needs to do the Blogger thing. On Tumblr it feels like all your old posts get lost. That is such a shame. I want to be able to dig through the archives. I want to be able to search.

And Tumblr could use the list feature. Learn from Twitter. Not everyone I follow is equal. I want to have a few lists.

That will be all for now.

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