Is It About Women?

70% of the recipients of micro loans end up being women. Because the vast majority of the world's poor are women. It is not because they don't work. Women do all the work at home and much of the work on the farms in all those poor countries. So why are they the bulk of the poor? Sexism pure and simple.

I have said my corporate team is going to be majority female. If the vast majority of your customers are going to be women, it only makes sense to have a team that is majority women.

So is it about women for me? Am I some kind of a raging feminist?

No. Yes and no.

My Failures

It has been about an entrepreneur seeking a market opportunity. My last venture for which I did raise the 100K I sought to raise was to do with what I had been calling the IC vision. But I had to disassemble that operation in February 2009.

My Non Personhood Of 2009, 2010

The idea was to bring more people online. What I had in mind is Google's Chrome Notebook.

Eric Schmidt's Cloud Computing And My IC Vision

But two years later it feels like the work is already being done on large scales. Tons of people are coming online already.

And so I have moved to the next big thing.

The Google/Facebook Of Microfinance

This is a much better fit for me than the IC idea was. This is to be first and foremost a High Touch operation. And that is my number one strength. I am absolutely the number one talent on the planet when it comes to large scale group dynamics.

GroupOn is a mini version of what my operation is going to be. GroupOn also does a little bit of High Touch. Otherwise their technology is quite simple actually. All they do is send you emails, right?

GroupOn's Legacy: Cute Email?
GroupOn Did Not Launch At South By South West
GroupOn, Zappos, And The Non Tech Components
Google, GroupOn: GroupOn Perhaps Was Not The Next Big Thing

But I do admit that I do feel for the women of the world. It is deeply personal. It is called having grown up Madhesi in Nepal and having been a non white person in Kentucky, in America. Heck, in New York City.

Third World Guy
DL21C: Enemy Organization
Larry Shinn

The political affinity I have for women is the affinity Marlon Brando had for the Native Americans. But first and foremost this is about wanting to do the next big thing as a tech entrepreneur.
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